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Sign language research on BBC 'See Hear'

17 April 2009


DCAL on BBC's 'See Hear' programme ucl.ac.uk/dcal/team/associatesadmin/adamschembri" target="_self">Dr Adam Schembri
  • British Sign Language Corpus project
  • Deafness Cognition and Language (DCAL) Research Centre
  • Research into the development of British Sigh Language by the Deafness Cognition and Language (DCAL) Research Centre at UCL featured on the BBC programme 'See Hear' on  15 April.

    Dr Adam Schembri discussed the centre's Corpus project, which tracks the latest developments in British Sign Language. He said: "The main aim of the Corpus project is to collect British Sign Language vocabulary that will be stored online as a resource. Any researcher who is interested in British Sign Language - its grammar and regional variations - will be able to use it.

    "We want to share this with the Deaf community. This will be helpful to sign language tutors and interpreters, and any Deaf person who is interested. This will give us a snapshot of what British Sign Language is like today."

    Frances Elton from DCAL discussed the history of sign language over the last 1,000 years. She was joined on the programme by Jordan Fenlon and Ramas Rentelis from the centre.

    To watch the programme, click on the image on the right. The DCAL section starts at 13 minutes 46 seconds. The programme will be available to view until Monday 20 April.

    To find out more about this research, and the centre, follow the links at the top of this item.


    UCL context

    The Deafness Cognition and Language (DCAL) Research Centre is based at UCL and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. DCAL brings together leading Deaf and hearing researchers in the fields of sign linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience.

    DCAL provides a unique perspective on language and thought based on Deaf people's communication. DCAL places sign languages and Deaf people in the centre of the general understanding of how language and communication work within linguistics, psychology and child development.

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