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EU expert to give GM food safety lecture

17 October 2008


Dr Gijs Kleter ucl.ac.uk/drupal/site_news/sites/news/files/kleter.pdf">Abstract (pdf)
  • UCL Language Centre
  • Dr Gijs Kleter, from the Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen University in the Netherlands, will be giving a lecture on the safety of biotechnology-derived products in the Chadwick Lecture Theatre between 2-4pm on Friday, 7 November.

    Dr Kleter is a natural scientist specialized in risk assessment of foods and animal feed and a member of the European Food Safety Authority's Scientific Panel. He's in London studying at UCL Language Centre during Reading Week.

    He advises national and EU authorities about the safety of genetically modified organisms and contributes to the international harmonisation of the safety assessment of biotechnology through organisations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.

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