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Energy Materials at UCL: first call for registration

20 October 2008


cmr.ucl.ac.uk/energy/energy.htm" target="_self">Meeting website & preliminary programme
  • UCL Grand Challenges
  • On 3rd December 2008, the UCL Centre for Materials Research is hosting its second annual forum meeting on energy materials-related research at UCL. This one-day meeting will showcase the breadth and depth of this field at UCL and focus on opportunities for future development.

    Professor Xiao Guo will open the meeting with a presentation on clean hydrogen activities at UCL, followed by presentations from leading UCL academics and representatives from private sector, policy and government organisations. Presentations will cover a range of topics including: solar energy harvesting, CO2 sequestration and utilisation, catalysis for energy and materials modelling for energy applications. 

    The CMR is keen to showcase energy materials research activities at UCL and would like to invite staff and students to present a research poster at the meeting.

    The meeting will start at 9:30 am with an introduction from Professor Mohan Edirisinghe (Convener of the CMR) and posters will be available for viewing in the North Cloisters during lunch, coffee and at an evening wine reception.

    A booklet containing abstracts of presentations and research posters will be produced as well as a networking booklet of expertise. These will be available at the meeting and also posted online to encourage future inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary research.

    The event is free and open to all of the UCL community. To register, please email Emma Leighton with your contact details. If you would like to present a poster please contact Emma Leighton or see the meeting website for further instructions.

    This event is sponsored by the UCL Centre for Materials Research, UCL Grand Challenges and the MAPS and Engineering Sciences Faculties. To find out more about the UCL Centre for Materials Research, use the links at the top of the article.