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Second edition of Mark Maslin's 'Global Warming' published

27 November 2008

The second edition of 'Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction' by Professor Mark Maslin was published today, a fully updated version of his 2004 original.

Global Warming 2nd edn Part of the OUP's 'Very Short Introductions' series of books, it brings the reader up to date with the most recent developments in the field, including the latest scientific findings and current UK and US policy. Professor Maslin also examines local and global solutions, including how global carbon trading could save the world, and provides a new vision of what a future low-carbon society might look like.

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Other Green Stories from UCL
UCL's Faculty of the Built Environment (UCL Bartlett) has been involved in a number of projects dealing with the question of how society can, or needs to, change in order to reduce its carbon emissions and paint a rather more positive picture of the future than one might otherwise be tempted to envisage. Members of the UCL Bartlett have, for instance, recently won a Sustainable Housing Award for their part in the refurbishment of a Victorian house in Camden (the resulting carbon-saving 'EcoHome' has had its emissions reduced by 80% from its pre-refurbishment days, and the project is going to inform the council's plans to work towards a more sustainable Camden); and Professor Yvonne Rydin, who is also Co-Director of UCL-EI,has been chairing the Lead Experts on the UK government's 'Foresight' project since 2006, whose report on how we might create more carbon-efficient cities was published on 26 November (click here to read the UCL news article).