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New UCL Dutch/Scandinavian Studies student recruitment website

27 November 2008


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  • The UCL Dutch and Scandinavian Studies departments have joined forces and created an 'Alternative Languages' initiative designed to attract new students to their departments. It has become clear that many potential students do not know that UCL offers undergraduate degrees in Dutch and Scandinavian languages and associated studies. Similarly, many 'A' Level students are unaware of the fact that studying one of these so-called alternative languages has great benefits, enabling graduates both to become interculturally competent learners and to stand out in the job market.

    Supported by the UCL Committee for the Recruitment and Admission of Students (CRAS), the project's web site contains three short video clips (with specially commissioned music) which give potential students a sense of the interactive focus of our teaching, the student experience and the attractions of the year abroad. In addition to these, there is a set of graduate profiles which give visitors to the site an idea of where these degrees can take students after graduation.

    To find out more about the web site, or about degrees in Dutch and Scandinavian Studies at UCL, please see the links at the top of this page.

    UCL Dutch
    UCL houses the largest Centre for Dutch Studies in the English-speaking world. The department, founded in 1919, was the first of its kind in the UK. Today it offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes and is an acknowledged centre of excellence in both teaching and research in the field of Dutch and Flemish language and culture. UCL also houses the most comprehensive Dutch library in the English-speaking world and hosts an annual Writer in Residence scheme with acclaimed Dutch writers coming over from the Netherlands and working with students.

    UCL Scandinavian Studies
    The UCL Department of Scandinavian Studies offers a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including courses from beginner- to degree level in Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish. Courses are also available in Finnish language, culture and society through its links with the School of Slavonic and East European Studies. The ten full-time members of faculty teach and conduct research into a wide range of specialisms encompassing the languages, literatures, cultures and histories of all the countries in the Nordic region, from the Viking Age to the present day. They also contribute to interdisciplinary degrees within UCL's Centre for Intercultural Studies and host a thriving programme of events and research seminars. The department's approach is both multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary; national, comparative and intercultural; synchronic but also diachronic.