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Opticon 1826 spotlight on women in academia

1 May 2008


ucl.ac.uk/opticon1826" target="_self">Opticon 1826 

The Spring 2008 issue of UCL's academic review, Opticon 1826, has just been published online.

A wide range of fields and opinions are featured in the journal, including computerised telepathic communication, old age, the 2005 French riots, mental illness, and the legal aspects of the conflict in Somalia.

Alongside the usual articles and reviews, this fourth issue of the journal has a special feature on the topic of 'Women in Academia'.

The three winning entries of the 2007/2008 Graduate School Review competition, written by Mr Eli Park Sørensen (UCL French), Miss Erin Sullivan (Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL) and Ms Pei-Suin Ng (UCL Italian) are also published in the issue.

The issue marks founding Editor-in Chief Miss Gesche Ipsen's last issue at the helm. She said: "It's been a fantastic experience to watch Opticon 1826 develop over these four issues, and my thanks go out to all the contributors, staff and the UCL Graduate School for helping us get off the ground. I think it provides an important forum for UCL we can all take pleasure in."

Incoming editor-in-chief, PhD student Miss Christine Lai (UCL English Langage & Literature), said: "The breadth of topics and contributors featured in this issue reflects UCL's multidisciplinarity, and we are welcoming submissions from students and staff for our next issue in October 2008."

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