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UCL Research Challenges begins its second year

7 January 2008


Jo Wolff ucl.ac.uk/research-challenges" target="_self">UCL Research Challenges

Following a successful launch last year, UCL Research Challenges is again looking for opinions from across the UCL community on areas for future research.

UCL academics, staff, students and alumni are all invited to propose their research ideas via the UCL Research Challenges website. The ideas submitted will be distilled into broad themes, and on the basis of these themes, research proposals can be submitted. £50,000 is available as funding for the successful projects, to get them to a stage where they can apply for further funding.

Last year's themes were Sustainability, New Medical Technologies, London, Infections, and Communications and Access to Culture. One project under each of the themes received funds ranging from £4,700 to £19,000. Full details of the projects can be found at the UCL Research Challenges website.

Research Challenges is a unique programme that allows everyone in the university to have their say on new directions for university research. Jo Wolff, the chair of the Research Challenges Board, which awards the funds, said: "Last year's successful bids show that UCL Research Challenges provides opportunities for people to come forward with ideas that they may have been thinking of for a while, but which they have never been able to put into action. It enables these ideas to become funded projects. It was fascinating to see the range of different ideas that emerged last year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the UCL community thinks up this time round."

To find out more about last year's Research Challenges winners, or to join in the debates about this year's themes, follow the link at the top of this article. 

Image: Professor Jo Wolff