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Brave UCL Lunch Hour Lecturer asks: Do women and men have equal intelligence?

14 January 2008


Professor Adrian Furnham ucl.ac.uk/lhl/" target="_self">UCL Lunch Hour Lectures

This term's UCL Lunch Hour Lecture series kicks off this week with a controversial subject. Professor Adrian Furnham, UCL Psychology, will be looking at the evidence for differences in intelligence between men and women.

Academics have been sacked in the past for suggesting that such differences exist between the sexes, but Professor Furnham will explain how evidence from 25 studies around the world has shown that females tend to estimate their own IQ to be lower than males of equal intelligence. This gap, of around five points, is also the amount by which men tend to outscore women in IQ tests. Are the two related? And what are the implications of this controversial area of research?

The lecture takes place on Tuesday 15 January at 1.15 in the Darwin Lecture Theatre (Gower Street campus). 

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