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UCL Press Release: New funding to charge energy research

6 February 2008

Professor Neal Skipper and Professor Franco Cacialli, of the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) and UCL Physics & Astronomy, have been awarded a £200,000 laboratory refurbishment grant to help them develop alternative fuel supplies for transport and electricity generation.

The Royal Society awarded the grant, with funding from the Wolfson Foundation under a scheme aiming to improve the UK's research infrastructure.

The refurbishment programme will create a new facility to enable the team to address two important issues in carbon emission reduction: the creation of cheap, efficient storage for hydrogen, and the development of large-surface organic solar cells.

Professor Richard Catlow, Dean of UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences, commented: "This grant will greatly contribute to the search for alternative fuels and efficient renewable energy supplies, therefore building on UCL's strong programme of energy research. I am delighted to hear that the Royal Society and Wolfson Foundation are generously funding the laboratory refurbishment that will make this work possible."