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Slovak Deputy Prime Minister visits

23 February 2008


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  • UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr Dušan Čaplovič, Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia with special responsibilities for the knowledge-based society, minorities and human rights, visited UCL on 22 February 2008.

    After a meeting with UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant, Dr Dušan Čaplovič attended an informal gathering at the UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies (SSEES) to discuss cooperation between UCL SSEES and Slovak universities on the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    There was also an opportunity for UCL SSEES experts to raise some of the more controversial questions in current Slovak politics, including the proposed joint Slovak-Hungarian history textbook. Dr Čaplovič expressed his government's commitment

    to European standards in questions of minority rights.

    An academic archaeologist by background, Dr Čaplovič also visited the UCL Institute of Archaeology, where he was shown some of the latest techniques being developed for the analysis of metal fragments found in archaeological digs.

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