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Norwegian royal honours for UCL Scandinavian Studies

5 February 2008


Norwegian Order of Merit ucl.ac.uk/scandinavian-studies/" target="_self">UCL Scandinavian Studies
  • Norwegian Order of Merit
  • King Harald of Norway has conferred the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit upon two long-serving UCL academics for their services to promoting Norwegian language and culture in the UK.

    Dr Marie Wells, who was WP Ker Lecturer in Norwegian in UCL Scandinavian Studies until her retirement last year, has published over thirty papers and gave numerous lectures and speeches on Norwegian language, literature and art. Professor Michael Barnes, who was Head of UCL Scandinavian Studies for 15 years and retired in 2005, has also written extensively about Scandinavian languages, and was given special praise for his work promoting Norwegian literature in the UK.

    The Norwegian Royal Order of Merit, founded by King Olav V in 1985, is awarded to foreign nationals who have performed exceptional service in the promotion of Norway and Norwegian interests abroad.

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