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1 August 2008

Links: UCL on iTunes U

UCL on iTunes U apple.com/itunes/overview/" target="_self">The iTunes application

In next week's UCL podcast there are stories on the latest research into obesity and schizophrenia, two exhibitions on the great, the good, the very big and the very small - and why our eyes really do deceive us.

This is latest in a great series of new UCL podcasts you can listen to through your computer or Mp3 player via iTunes U.

However, if you don't have the iTunes facility you'll still be able to access the feed and also memorise it via RSS by clicking here. That way you'll be alerted to each new UCL podcast automatically, as it becomes available.

The new UCL podcast will be out on Monday the 4th of August. 

For more stories on iTunes U and how iTunes works click on the links above.