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IVF today: an expert's view

15 August 2008

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ucl.ac.uk/drupal/site_news/sites/news/files/ivf.mp3">Dr Alistair Sutcliffe - fertility treatments today
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  • Thirty years ago, in 1978, the first baby conceived by in vitro fertilisation was born. Louise Joy Brown was Lesley and John Brown, who had been trying to conceive for nine years.

    Dr Alistair Sutcliffe is a UCL paediatrician who studies the health of children after IVF. In the audio interview above, Dr Sutcliffe talks about his research, how IVF and other fertility treatments have progressed over the last thirty years, and what the future holds for fertility treatment.

    About Dr Alistair Sutcliffe
    Dr Sutcliffe is Senior Lecturer in Child Health at the UCL Institute of Child Health and a paediatrician at the Royal Free & University College Medical School. Dr Sutcliffe has written over 50 papers and articles and two books on the health of IVF children, and is worldwide the only paediatrician to consistently study their health outcomes. Use the links at the top of the article to find out more.