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Abbey '1 UCL' Excellence Endeavour Awards 2007/08

4 April 2008

Last year, Clare Fernandes, a final-year UCL medical student, donated £1,000 to St Joseph's Convent High School Orphanage in Goa, India.


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The money came from the Abbey '1-UCL' Excellence/Endeavour Award she was nominated for by a fellow student for her involvement in many extracurricular UCL activities which help raise funds for a variety of charitable causes.

Clare was one of 10 recipients of the 2006/07 Abbey '1-UCL' Excellence/Endeavour Awards.

Do you know a student at UCL who should be rewarded for an extracurricular achievement?

The Abbey '1 UCL' Excellence/Endeavour Awards aim to foster the notion of UCL as a community, and highlight, celebrate and reward current UCL students at any level for outstanding achievement or endeavour in a non-academic field such as sport, music, theatre, fundraising, volunteering, mentoring.

Each award consists of a donation of £1,000 to an organisation of the awardholder's choice. There are no restrictions on the organisations to which the award may be donated, except that they may not be party political, and that they must be organisations; the award may not be donated to an individual.

Candidates may be nominated by UCL students or staff. It is not possible to nominate oneself.

Our nominations deadline is 1 May 2008. Winners are announced in June.


This is the second year of the Abbey '1 UCL' Excellence/Endeavour Awards. To find out more about the awards, and to read general information about scholarships and funding for study at UCL, use the links below:

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