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Equal Pay Audit results

21 September 2007


ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/equal_pay_audit.php" target="_self">Equal Pay Audit

A UCL Equal Pay Audit, carried out in partnership with the UCL's recognised trades union, to assess the effectiveness of UCL's new pay structure, has demonstrated pay equality across sex, ethnic origin, disability and part-time status.

UCL implemented the Pay Framework Agreement for all non-clinical posts across the organisation in May 2006. A new coherent ten-grade structure, based on a new non-discriminatory job evaluation scheme (HERA), plus harmonised terms and conditions, were negotiated with UCL's recognised trade unions.

As part of the agreement, UCL committed to undertake an Equal Pay Audit of pay to cover the themes of gender, ethnicity, disability and patterns of working.

The results of the audit have identified no significant pay differentials between the groups examined.

Any differences that do exist are within the typical range of expectations for an organisation that has successfully implemented a fair pay and grading review, free of gender, ethnicity, disability or patterns of working bias.

This result reinforces the initial assessment of the joint negotiating team that the implementation of the Pay Framework Agreement at UCL would deal with the main equal pay tensions in the previous arrangements.

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