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BBC Horizon: Xtreme Everest

18 September 2007


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  • Horizon
  • Two hour-long Horizon documentaries, featuring the recent Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition, which saw a team of volunteer trekkers participate in experiments on Mount Everest in support of medical research, have now been scheduled.

    The first will be screened on Sunday 23 September at 8pm on BBC2 and the second will take place a week later on Sunday 30 September at 8pm, also on BBC2.

    The expedition formed the basis of an ambitious research project on the effects of low oxygen levels on the human body, which may ultimately revolutionise the treatment of critically ill people in intensive care units in hospitals.

    Leader of the expedition was Dr Mike Grocott, Senior Lecturer in Intensive Care Medicine and Co-Director, CASE Medicine (Centre for Aviation Space & Extreme Environment Medicine) at the UCL Institute of Human Health & Performance.

    To find out more about Caudwell Xtreme Everest, follow the links at the top of the article.