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UCL/ Weizmann Institute collaboration launch

19 October 2007


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  • UCL welcomed representatives from the Weizmann Institute of Science on 17 October 2007 at a reception to encourage greater scientific collaboration between the two institutes.

    The event announced the signing of an agreement by the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), based in Israel and UCL to organise regular forums, student exchanges and seed funding for research partnerships and collaborations with UK institutions.

    Professor Benny Chain (UCL Infection and Immunity) is also co-chair of the Weizmann UK Scientific Advisory Group. He said: "UCL and the WIS have a number of shared values - they are both at the forefront of scientific research and committed to bringing the advances of science to the well-being of the communities around them. A lot will be gained from interaction on both sides - international collaborations are essential and a worthwhile endeavour."

    The President of Weizmann UK, Sir David Sieff added: "This is a great opportunity to strengthen ties between institutions and bring together scientists. We are planning to forge ever-closer links."

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    Image (L-R): Professor Ed Byrne (Executive Dean of UCL Biomedical Sciences and Head of the Medical School), Sheridan Gould (Weizmann UK Executive Director), Sir David Sieff (Weizmann UK President), Professor Benny Chain (UCL Infection and Immunity), Dr Arabella Duffield, Professor Tony Futerman (Weizmann Institute)