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Success in Institute of Physics awards

8 October 2007


Professor Gabriel Aeppli phys.ucl.ac.uk/contact/staffmember.php?id=282" target="_self">Professor Gabriel Aeppli
  • Professor Sougato Bose
  • Professor Helen Fielding
  • Four UCL academics have received medals in this year's Institute of Physics awards, which recognise advances in a broad range of fields of physics.

    Professor Gabriel Aeppli, Quain Professor of Physics and Director of the London Centre for Nanotechnology received the Mott Medal for research in condensed matter or materials physics as a result of his pioneering and highly influential work on the magnetic properties of novel materials using neutron scattering.

    Professor Sougato Bose of UCL Physics & Astronomy won the Maxwell Medal that recognises research in theoretical mathematical or computational physics for his work on the characterisation and exploitation of entanglement in quantum systems, and in particular on the propagation of information in spin chains.

    Professor Dave Delpy, Professor of Medical Photonics and former Vice-Provost of Research at UCL, was awarded the Franklin Medal for research in physics applied to the life sciences. Specifically, the medal acknowledged the importance of his development of a range of novel techniques and instruments to monitor the health of patients in intensive-care units and to image tissue physiology and metabolism.

    Professor Helen Fielding, Professor of Chemical Physics, was the winner of the Moseley Medal for research into experimental physics thanks to her unique work on the coherent control of electronic and molecular dynamics using ultra-fast lasers. This type of research is significant for quantum-information studies as well as the possible laser control of chemical reactions.

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