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Stem Cell Delegation visit UCL

25 October 2007


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A US delegation of politicians, scientists and policy makers visited UCL on 17th October to discuss stem cell research from basic science to clinical application. The  location of such a major meeting at UCL reflects the university's growing international profile in this area.

Of particular interest to the delegation was the UK's positive position on the use of human embryonic stem cells in research. 

Present at the meeting were Professor Pete Coffey, Dr Chris Mason, Professor Geoff Raisman and Professor Mary Phillips from UCL.

They were accompanied by other key people within the UK stem cell field: Professor Robin Lovell-Badge from NIMR, Dame Julia Polak from Imperial College, Dr Pete Adamson from Ophthaltech and Professor Peter Braude and Professor Brian Salter from King's College London.

To find out more about stem cell research at UCL, use the link at the top of the article.

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