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'What is the brain for?' asks Professor Geoffrey Raisman

7 November 2007


rigb.org/" target="_self">Royal Institution

Professor Geoffrey Raisman, UCL Institute of Neurology, will be giving the Friday Evening Discourse at the Royal Institution on Friday 23 November.

His address, entitled 'What is the brain for?' will explain how the brain has evolved to become the pinnacle of biological development, but will also question how consciousness, or 'the soul', often means that we are driven by emotion, rather than by logic or evidence.

The Royal Institution's Friday Evening Discourses date back to 1826, having been initiated by Michael Faraday for 'the promotion of science and the diffusion and extension of useful knowledge'. Over the history of the discourses, several important scientific discoveries have been announced, such as the invention of photography (1839), the beginnings of field theory (1846) and the existence of the fundamental particle later called the electron (1897). Scientists including Faraday, Davy, Tyndall, Bragg and Porter have all spoken about their work at an Ri Discourse.

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