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UCL in the News: Scientists, Artists, Engineers Discuss Climate Change

27 November 2007

A gathering of scientists, artists and engineers met recently in London to discuss ways of helping Africa deal with the effects of global warming.

Julian Hunt is Professor of Climate Modeling at UCL. He set out what he believes Africa will face in the coming years.

"The computer models for the next half century and century show progressively rising temperatures," he says, "which will have a very big impact because already there are countries in Africa that are very hot and quite close to the limits where life and vegetation are adversely affected by higher temperatures." …

Hunt also warned of a rise in extreme weather patterns, with increased flooding in some regions and severe drought in others. He says, of all the continents, Africa has benefited the least from the causes of climate change, but stands to be damaged the most. …

Mandy Clark, 'Voice of America'