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UCL in the News: BCS award-winner encourages computer researchers to build real systems

16 November 2007

Professor Mark Handley [UCL Computer Science], winner of this year's British Computer Society Roger Needham award sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge, is encouraging computer science and networking researchers to go out and build real systems.

Speaking at the Royal Society where he presented the BCS Roger Needham lecture recently, Mark said: "My advice to all young researchers in the audience is to go out and build; above all, build real systems and demonstrate that systems work and can help solve problems."

Professor Handley, an internationally recognised researcher based at UCL, presented his lecture: Evolving the Internet; challenges, opportunities and consequences to a capacity audience. He discussed the challenges faced by networking researchers in getting their ideas out of the lab and into the core of the internet. He also examined the consequences that the world faces if growing technical problems underlying the internet remain unaddressed while the demands placed on the internet continue to grow. …

Mark's own research has fundamentally reshaped the way the internet is used on a daily basis through his seminal contributions to the engineering of the internet…

In addition, his research into the area of network architecture has examined how to make the internet robust against attack while his most recent research into congestion control is examining the way the internet controls resources with a view to devising an alternative to help overcome the serious long term scaling problems. …