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UCL in the News: Academic standing secures top ten spot

16 November 2007

"Tell us your ideas."


That was how UCL advertised for eight new engineering lecturers two and half years ago. That open approach appealed to Sarah Bell, who got one of the jobs. Dr Bell, who has the unconventional combination of a degree in engineering and doctorate in social sciences, specialises in the relationship between engineering, technology and society. She said: "Nobody would ever advertise for what I do, but because it was an open process they picked me up."

Dr Bell left her post at the University of Sydney to come to UCL, joining new colleagues from as far afield as Brazil, China, Portugal and Russia.

"There's a spirit of excellence here," she said. "There are a number of really big names, and as an early-career researcher being in the culture drives you towards excellence."

This internationalism combined with a solid academic reputation may be part of the reason UCL has broken into the world's top ten.

Professor Michael Worton [UCL Vice-Provost (Academic & International)], said a good rating could help the university. "It raises our profile and makes people think," he said. "In terms of agreement with government agencies, they take these rankings very seriously."

He stresses that UCL fishes from an international pool for staff and students. …

Chloe Stothart, 'Times Higher Education Supplement'