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UCL Bookshelf: 'Critical Architecture'

30 November 2007


critical architecture routledge.com/shopping_cart/products/product_detail.asp?sku=&isbn=9780415415385&parent_id=&pc=/shopping_cart/search/search.asp?search%3Dcritical%2Barchitecture" target="_self">'Critical Architecture'
  • UCL Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Architecture academics Professor Jane Rendell and Professor Jonathan Hill (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) join Professor Murray Fraser (University of Westminster) and Dr Mark Dorrian (University of Edinburgh) as co-editors of a new book on critical architecture.

    The book examines the relationship between critical practice in architecture and architectural criticism. Placing architecture in an interdisciplinary context, the book explores architectural criticism with reference to modes of criticism in other disciplines - specifically art criticism - and considers how critical practice in architecture operates through a number of different modes: buildings, drawings and texts.

    With 40 essays by an international cast of leading architectural academics, this accessible, single source text on the topical subject of architectural criticism is ideal for undergraduate as well as postgraduate study.

    'Critical Architecture' is a collection of papers from the conference of the same name, held at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture in 2004. The conference brought together leading architecture practitioners and theorists from all over the world, and was organised by the four co-editors.

    The book is part of a three-book series published by Routledge at the same time, with the other books entitled 'From Models to Drawings' and 'The Politics of Making'. There will be a launch event at the UCL Bartlett School on 3 December 2007 from 6.30pm

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    Image: 'Critical Architecture'