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Pedestrian volunteers needed

1 November 2007


livingstreets.org.uk/" target="_self">Living Streets

The pedestrians association, Living Streets, are looking for volunteers to take part in an audit of the streets around Euston Station on 6 November at either 12.30pm or 6pm. The audit will cover the area between Drummond Crescent, Endsleigh Gardens, North Gower Street and Cardington Street.

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Each audit lasts just over an hour and involves small groups of people walking through the area looking at road crossings, signage, pavement condition and general clutter. The purpose is to identify how to make the streets more attractive to pedestrians by listening to the people who actually use them on a regular basis.

Living Streets was formed in 1929 as the Pedestrians Association for Road Safety. The association lobbied for the first speed limits, compulsory third party motor insurance and the first driving tests. Today, the organisation raises awareness of the issues facing pedestrians in urban areas and promotes the importance of good design to create walkable communities.

To take part in the audit, simply turn up at either 12.30pm or 6pm at the front of Euston Station by William Hills. To find out more about Living Streets use the link at the top of this article.