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Nuffield public-health recommendations

13 November 2007


Professor Johnson org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Public-health-ethical-issues.pdf" target="_self">The report
  • Consultation launch
  • Two UCL scientists served on the 11-member working group responsible for the report 'Public health: Ethical issues', published today by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics.

    Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and Professor Anne Johnson (UCL Primary Care & Population Sciences) contributed to the report, which considers the responsibilities of government, industry, individuals and others in promoting the health of everyone.

    The council concludes that the state has a particular duty to help people lead a healthy life and to reduce inequalities. It proposes a 'stewardship model', which outlines how this can be achieved.

    The report considers the acceptability of different public-health measures, and highlights the responsibilities of industries that promote products that affect our health. Recommendations for policy are made in four areas: infectious disease, obesity, alcohol and tobacco, and fluoridation of water.

    Professor Greenhalgh

    To find out more about the report or the consultation process behind it, use the links at the top of this article.

    Image 1: Professor Johnson
    Image 2: Professor Greenhalgh