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Spring public lecture series at UCLH

1 May 2007

A programme of spring lectures has been published by the Research Patients' and Carers' Support Network (RPSN), part of the University College London Hospitals NHS Trust.

Lectures will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays through until mid June, and will be held either in the JZ Young Lecture Theatre, UCL Anatomy (Tuesdays) or in the Chemistry Lecture Theatre (Thursdays).

Research patients are crucial in helping researchers at UCLH to develop new treatments and advance medical science. UCLH is currently involved in 1300 medical research studies, and has been acknowledged by the Department of Health as one of the most important research centres in the UK.  

The RPSN aims to create a dialogue between research patients and carers and the research teams in whose work they become involved. It aims to ensure that the opinions of research patients and their carers are heard. The lecture series forms part of an ongoing commitment to involving the public in shaping the future of medical research at UCLH. The lectures are designed for a lay audience and focus on aspects of the hospital's medical research. They may also be of special interest to patients who have been involved in the research.

For a full programme, follow the link at the bottom of this item.