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UCOpera presents 'Camacho's Wedding'

16 March 2007

The little-known comic opera by Mendelssohn, 'Camacho's Wedding' (Die Hochzeit des Camacho) is being performed by University College Opera at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday next week.

Camacho's Wedding

Based on an episode from Don Quixote, it follows the story of a young couple, Quiteria and Basilio, whose love is threatened by the wishes of Quiteria's father, who has arranged her for her to marry to the wealthy Camacho.

The cast and crew are made up of UCL students working alongside professionals. UCOpera has a tradition of enabling young singers to gain experience working alongside professional musicians, performing operas that are often not part of the standard repertoire. 'Camacho's Wedding' was written in 1827 - when Mendelssohn was just 18 years old - and was first performed in Berlin the same year. The early romantic child prodigy is better known for his symphonic and chamber works, keyboard music and songs, than for opera. 'Camacho's Wedding' provides a unique opportunity for audiences to hear this part of the composer's output.

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