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Queer Scandinavia

20 March 2007

UCL Scandinavian Studies will host a special seminar on 'Queer Scandinavia' on 23 March.

The seminar will explore the relationship between academic theory and political practice in the context of societies that are traditionally understood to be unusually liberal with regard to sexual orientation and gender equality, but where nonetheless such questions continue to generate debate.

Part of UCL Scandinavian Studies' Equality Action Planning initiatives, the seminar will take the form of an open discussion based on questions such as 'What does queer mean in theory?' and 'What does queer mean in practice, or in politics?' The speakers, Professor Tiina Rosenberg (University of Lund, Sweden) and Professor Dag Heede (University of Southern Denmark), are leading scholars in the field of queer theory of Sweden and Denmark respectively, with Professor Gabrielle Griffin (University of York) providing the UK perspective.

Commenting on the seminar, Dr Mary Hilson, Head of UCL Scandinavian Studies said: "The Scandinavian countries are generally regarded as societies which are unusually open and tolerant in matters of sexual orientation, as well as being well-known for their gender equality. However, like most European countries, they are finding it challenging to accommodate traditional secular attitudes to matters like sexuality with the need for toleration of religion and the growing vociferousness of religious minority groups. This timely seminar will take the debate further."

To find out more about the seminar - which is open to all - and UCL's Equality Action Planning, use the links at the top of this article.