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New website for materials research community

18 June 2007

Members of UCL's interdisciplinary materials research community are brought closer today with the launch of a new website for the virtual Centre for Materials Research.

CMR website logo

The site aims to make communication and cooperation easier for over 80 academics across five UCL faculties who are involved in materials research - one of the largest university communities of materials researchers in the world.

Their work spans modelling the structure of complex materials such as micro-porous minerals (UCL Chemistry), analysing properties associated with joint replacements (UCL Institute of Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal Science) and fabricating semiconductor systems on flexible surfaces for large-area electronics (UCL Electrical & Electronic Engineering), amongst others.

At the heart of the new site is a directory that provides access to details of all relevant groups, institutes and departments, individuals' contact details and research interests. It is available to all UCL materials researchers - based at the faculties of Mathematical & Physical Sciences; Engineering; Biomedical Sciences; Life Sciences; and Social & Historical Sciences - as well as those external to the university.

The research area provides an overview of material research at UCL and examples of current projects. It also contains searchable listings of publications and vacancies, and a regular feature focusing on a specific project. In addition, users can access the community's monthly e-newsletter and events information via the new site.

Professor Mohan Edirisinghe (UCL Mechanical Engineering), independent convener of the Centre for Materials Research, said: "UCL's materials research is internationally acclaimed. Its interdisciplinary nature, often involving collaboration with bodies external to UCL, is a key factor in our academic excellence, but presents challenges in keeping up-to-date with colleagues' progress and achievements. The new Centre for Materials Research website will be an important tool in helping this happen."

Dr Emma Leighton, Research & Development Officer at the Centre for Materials Research, has designed the site and will maintain it. She has already planned a second phase of features, to include a dynamic database of facilities and equipment, details of masters courses and information on industrial relationships, knowledge transfer and funding opportunities.

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