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UCL in the News: Technicolour lab coats

10 July 2007

Why are lab coats so unsexy? And why are they white? … These are the questions now being posed by cell biologist Dr Jenny Rohn [MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at UCL], and Wynn Abbott, a biochemistry graduate turned director of science-art agency SciCult.

The pair have turned to the fashion world for an answer, and are running a competition for a design, that makes a lab coat sexy.

"There is absolutely no reason why lab coats have to be shapeless, sexless and colourless," says Rohn. "Why not black and fitted? White is a disastrous colour for lab work. Every little spill shows. Surely we can do better." …

Judges from the fashion industry, the worlds of science and the media will pick the winner this autumn. Rohn and Abbott are encouraging fashion students as well as established designers to enter. For details contact Rohn at www.lablit.com or Abbott at www.scicult.com.

Jessica Shepherd, 'The Guardian'