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UCL chosen for Camden Academy

30 July 2007

Following a meeting of Camden Council's executive on 25 July 2007, it has been announced that UCL has been chosen to manage a new school academy in the borough.

The decision comes two years after UCL first approached Camden with the proposition of adapting the government's academy model to a special partnership with the university.

The university has since developed a vision of a UCL Academy that will provide new opportunities for Camden children - raising aspirations and, in particular, drawing on UCL's scientific strengths to bridge the gap that exists between secondary and tertiary education in science and mathematics.

UCL will spend the next few months working together with Camden Council to develop a blueprint for the UCL Academy, carrying out a broad consultation process with key stakeholders in the project, including parents of school-age children in the area. Detailed plans for the UCL Academy will be unveiled in September.

In sponsoring an academy in Camden, UCL is honouring its core commitments to inclusiveness and widening participation. Professor Malcolm Grant, UCL President and Provost, explained: "There are two core reasons why UCL wishes to sponsor an academy. First, there is a nationwide issue of low scientific performance in schools in the maintained sector, causing problems with the transition from school to university in science subjects. With its impressive scientific base, there is a need for UCL to support science and mathematics in Camden schools. Secondly, UCL wishes to be part of thecommunity in which we are located - we have a strong sense of social responsibility to the borough, and we are excited by the possibilities that the UCL Academy offers, particularly for the benefit of school students in Camden."

UCL is no stranger to close collaboration with local schools, explained Professor Michael Worton, UCL Vice-Provost (Academic & International).

"We have a broad programme of activities with schools, including student mentoring, masterclasses, and talks at schools by UCL staff. The new UCL Academy will afford opportunities for a more targeted involvement, and provide new models for collaboration that can be rolled out to other schools in the borough."

Andrew Mennear, Camden Council's Executive Member for Schools, commented: "UCL is one of the top 25 universities in the world, and in the top three or four in this country. I think that parents will be delighted by the plans for the new academy and on the Executive Committee we all felt that UCL's was a very impressive vision."

To find out more about the vision for a UCL Academy, use the link at the bottom of the article.

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