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Archives conference: 'From memory to event'

14 February 2007

A UCL English Graduate Conference on the subject of archives will take place at Senate House on Friday 9 March.

The term 'archive' has been interpreted in several different ways, with the philosophers Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida describing the archive as a set of ordering principles rather than simply as a place where objects are ordered. The conference will explore the theme of whether the archive is a place, a principle, or both; whether an archive documents historical events or creates events through the narratives it presents; and the archive's effects on the content it organises.

The keynote speakers are Dorothea McEwan of the Warburg Archive, who will be speaking on 'The Struggle To Control Memory', and Helen Freshwater of Birkbeck College, who will present on 'The Allure of the Archive: Performance and Censorship'. Delegates will also be able to attend four of a selection of eight parallel sessions on issues ranging from individual authors' archives to archives and cultural memory.

Tickets start at £20 with £15 tickets available to the first ten postgraduates to apply. To find out more, follow the link at the bottom of this item.