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UCL in the News: Family doctors urged on HIV tests

7 December 2007

GPs and other health professionals should be more proactive in offering at-risk groups HIV tests, experts say.

The UCL study of 263 HIV-positive African patients in the UK found half were diagnosed late despite above average use of services. …

There are estimated to be over 63,000 adults living with HIV in the UK, two thirds of whom have been infected via heterosexual sex.

The majority of these are people who caught the infection abroad and of African origin. …

Lead researcher Dr Fiona Burns [UCL Primary Care & Population Science] believes GPs in particular should be more proactive.

"What we are seeing here is a failing to utilise opportunities for earlier diagnosis of HIV.

"People are dying because they are not being tested early enough.

"We need to be in a position where GPs are prepared to discuss HIV risks and offer tests as a matter of course to people from at-risk communities." …

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