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The art of nanotechnology

7 December 2007

'Dark Side of the Cell' london-nano.com/" target="_self">London Centre for Nanotechnology
  • Nanoscience and Art
  • On Monday 17 December, a unique event combining science with art will be taking place in the Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre.

    'Nanoscience and art' will feature the works of two artists who have been inspired by nanotechnology. Dr Frances Geesin, a senior research fellow at the London College of Fashion, will be speaking about how nanotechnology and industrial processes have influenced her work. Over the last few years she has been capturing and interpreting images from electron microscopes to create works which help make the science of nanotechnology accessible to the public.

    Previous work has included research for Philips into 'wearable electronics' and the development of light and sound panels for the Science Museum in London. In her work with textiles, for which she has received an Arts Foundation Fellowship, she uses industrial shielding and thermoplastic non-woven fabrics and electroplated geotextiles.

    Also appearing at the event is Anne Niemetz, a senior lecturer in digital media design at the University of Wellington, New Zealand, who will discuss 'Imagination, Reason and the Art of Collaboration'. Speaking about the merits and challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration, she will present excerpts of her work, which is classed as 'media art' - an art form which occupies the space between the traditional divisions of arts and sciences. In particular she will discuss her ongoing collaboration with Andrew Pelling of the London Centre for Nanotechnology, and their work, which attempts to blur the traditional boundaries of art and science.

    Anne Neimetz's work includes video, audio, internet, installation, and stage design. She has recently looked at the scientific discovery of cellular audio and the rediscovery of the video installation.

    The event begins at 1pm with introductory comments from Dr Pelling along with Professor Michael Horton, Deputy Director of the London Centre for Nanotechnology, and will be finished by 3.15pm.

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    Images: Photos from 'Dark Side of the Cell' a collaborative project by Anne Niemetz and Dr Andrew Pelling, London Centre for Nanotechnology