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Visit from Professor Yuichiro Anzai, Keio University

27 April 2007

Professor Yuichiro Anzai, President of Keio University in Japan, today attended a joint UCL-Keio symposium on the 'Frontiers of Neuroscience'.

At the symposium he heard Professors Richard Frackowiak and Semir Zeki (UCL) and Hideyuki Okano and Masato Yasui (Keio) present their research, and discussed the potential for curing today's most devastating injuries and diseases of the brain. Professor Anzai also met with UCL President and Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant, to explore opportunities for collaboration.

The event marks the 150th anniversary of Keio University, one of Japan's leading higher education institutions, as well as commemorating the launch of Keio University's London Office, established in association with the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science.

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