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UCL in the News: Listen to Margaret Atwood talking about 'Oryx and Crake'

20 April 2007

Each month, John Mullan, Professor of English at UCL, examines a different novel for the Guardian book club.

Halfway through the month, he hosts a discussion with the novelist at the Guardian.

April's book is 'Oryx and Crake', a dystopic vision of a future in which the human race has been calamitously experimented on, by Canada's greatest living novelist, the Booker prize-winning Margaret Atwood. …

Their discussion covered, among other things, genetic engineering, sex, the definition of dystopia, the digestive systems of rabbits and the healing properties of cats.

Atwood was fascinating and extremely witty, and the event was highly enjoyable; happily, thanks to the joy of pod, those of you who weren't there can listen, too. …

Sarah Crown, Guardian Unlimited Arts Blog