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Tributes to UCL Pro-Provost (China, Hong Kong and Macao)

27 September 2006

Tributes were paid to Professor David Norse, retiring UCL Pro-Provost (China, Hong Kong and Macao), on 26 September 2006.

Professor Norse and Professor Grant

UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant said that China would play a significant part in UCL's future and that he was confident in the groundwork laid by Professor Norse in enhancing relations with China. He said that in the long-term, mutually beneficial relations fit with UCL's ambition to be London's global university.

Professor Norse has worked with China's leading universities and the China Scholarships Council to raise UCL's profile and to increase applications from high-quality Chinese students. He has led UCL's relations with Peking University, particularly in medicine, archaeology and laws. The joint International Centre for Chinese Heritage & Archaeology was established in 2003. A separate agreement with the Museum of the Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses of the Emperor Qin Shihuang has been signed regarding research on specialisation and standardisation of the Qin Dynasty. Professor Grant highlighted collaboration in archaeology as an excellent model of interaction.

Professor Norse is a member of the Prime Minister's China Task Force, and has been invaluable in guiding and advising senior members of UCL when visiting China or welcoming delegations such as that of Chinese Minister of Education Zhou Ji in 2005.

Professor Norse was instrumental in setting up the UCL Beijing Alumni Association, which sustains the UCL Beijing alumni community through events, mentoring and networking. He also initiated an annual Chinese New Year party for Chinese staff and students. He will continue his environmental research in China and maintain his links with UCL as an emeritus professor.

Professor Moira Yip (UCL Phonetics & Linguistics) will become UCL Pro-Provost (China, Hong Kong and Macao) on 2 October 2006.

To find out more about UCL's connections with China, Hong Kong and Macao, use the link at the bottom of this article.

Image: Professor Norse being presented with prints of UCL by Professor Grant



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