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Marek Kohn to give Annual Robert Grant lecture

31 October 2006

Marek Kohn, the acclaimed popular science author, will be giving the 10th Annual Robert Grant Lecture on Wednesday 15 November.

Entitled '"Then at once I seemed to see the whole effect of this…" Imagining the power of natural selection', his talk will explore how Wallace, the cofounder of Natural Selection, came to his theory and recognised its massive implications. Kohn will also look at how others have since linked evolution with human nature.

The lecture, held by the UCL Grant Museum of Zoology in association with the UCL Centre for Ecology and Evolution, takes place in the Darwin Lecture Theatre at 4.30pm on 15 November, and will be followed by a drinks reception at the Grant Museum.

To find out more about Marek Kohn or the UCL Grant Museum of Zoology, follow the links at the bottom of this article. To attend, email Jack Ashby at the UCL Grant Museum.