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Open event at UCH

22 November 2006

UCL staff and students are welcome to attend UCL Hospitals' second open event, between 3.

30-7pm on 5 December 2006.

The event is at UCH, 235 Euston Road, London NW1, and aims to showcase to the public the wide range of services, pioneering treatments and sophisticated technology available at UCL Hospitals.Medical teams will be present from all seven of the trust's hospitals: the Eastman Dental Hospital, the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson & Obstetric Hospital, the Heart Hospital, the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital and UCH.

Interactive displays will include:

  • seeing your own heart beat, handling a pacemaker and finding out how genetic testing is saving lives
  • the most effective way to clean your teeth, as well as the latest braces and dental information
  • acupuncture, aromatherapy oils and complementary medicines
  • the new MRSA-beating keyboard.

There's also the opportunity to take a tour of several departments at the flagship UCH, including Therapies, Radiotherapy, Day Surgery, Surgical Admissions and a ward area.

There is no need to pre-book. To find out more use the link at the bottom of this article.