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BBC documentary: 'The Brain Hospital'

21 November 2006

A documentary series featuring the work of the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery at Queen Square - the associated teaching hospital of the UCL Institute of Neurology - begins its three-week Wednesday-evening run on BBC One at 9pm on 22 November 2006.


The series gives a dramatic insight into the cutting-edge work at in one of the world's leading brain hospitals.

Around 100 consultants treat everything from head injuries to Parkinson's disease, paralysis and epilepsy, and some are the only specialists of their kind in the country. Many of the patients suffer from conditions so rare that they affect just one in a million.

Robert Naylor, Chief Executive of UCL Hospitals, said: "The hospital is a world-leading research and development centre in partnership with the UCL Institute of Neurology. These programmes are an excellent example of our aim to deliver high-quality personalised patient care in an area of extreme specialisation and complexity."

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MPowell NHirsch

Images: Consultants featured in the series (from left): Laurence Watkins, Dr  Stefan Brew, and Michael Powell and Dr Nicholas Hirsch