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Watch and vote

8 May 2006

UCL Museums & Collections will be featured in the debut of 'The People's Museum', a new television series starting on 15 May at 3.

Galton’s fingerprint kit 30pm on BBC2.

Viewers - including UCL staff and students - will have a chance to vote for their favourite object following the broadcast. UCL's object is Francis Galton's fingerprint kit from the UCL Galton Collection, which will be competing with objects from the Conservation Centre at Liverpool Museum and the Beamish Museum.

Coinciding with Museums & Galleries Month, this series allows the public to vote for an overall winner and place the favourite 20 items into the People's Museum. Items will also be on display for the public to view during Museums & Galleries Month as well as online, giving people a unique chance to see some items which may previously have been in storage or archive for years.

Dr Helen Chatterjee (UCL Galton Collection and UCL Grant Museum of Zoology & Comparative Anatomy) said: "The programme offers an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of UCL's museums and collections. I encourage the UCL community to watch and vote."

To find out more about UCL Museums & Collections use the link at the bottom of this article. To vote, dial the number below.

Image: Galton's fingerprint kit