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Important grant for UCL Museums and Collections

16 May 2006

UCL's Museums and Collections have received an important award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to develop a series of research workshops investigating touch and the value of object handling in a heritage context.

Entitled 'Touch and the Value of Object Handling', the project will bring together museum practitioners, researchers and clinicians who are interested in exploring the value of object handling, touch and sensation, and in measuring the impact object handling might have for a variety of emotions, general wellbeing and in enhancing knowledge acquisition.

Participants are involved from across the higher education and museum sectors including University College Hospitals, Oxford University, Birmingham University, the British Museum, Museum of London and National Maritime Museum - bringing together a diverse range of expertise, research interests and museum access issues.

The role of object handling in a variety of contexts will be explored from object handling in the broadest sense, such as handling boxes in museums and galleries, practical classes involving objects in education and the use of objects for inspiration.

The project will also explore the psychology behind touch and the underlying mechanisms behind physical stimulation and its link with emotions experienced during object handling.

The project will feature several workshops exploring touch and memory, new technologies for exploring object interpretation, and the role of object handling with respect to patient recovery time, amongst other things.

Dr Helen Chatterjee, Curator of the UCL Grant Museum and Principal Investigator on the project said: "As lead partner, UCL Museums and Collections will be at the forefront of understanding the important role objects can play in enhancing knowledge acquisition, enjoyment and health."

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