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Now they're targeting your own living room

24 March 2006

Parents who pledge not to smoke at home will be rewarded with a chance to win gift vouchers under a scheme to protect children from second-hand smoke.

Andy Kerr, the health minister, has backed the scheme in Glasgow amid fears the ban on smoking in public places will lead to children being exposed to more cigarette smoke at home. Under the pilot project in the city's east end, which is expected to be extended across the country, parents who sign a pledge to keep their homes smoke-free are entered into a raffle to win £100 of gift vouchers. …

The move follows a report by UCL that banning smoking in pubs, restaurants and other public places will expose children to significantly higher levels of cigarette smoke.

Dr Jerome Adda [UCL Economics], the author of the report, investigated the impact of anti- tobacco policies on non-smokers in America. He concluded that parents smoked more at home in front of children if they were prevented from having cigarettes in bars or restaurants. The trend was more likely to affect poorer families than the middle classes.

Jason Allardyce, 'The Sunday Times' (Scotland), 26 March 2006