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Inaugural BT lectures

20 March 2006

UCL's  Professor Ingemar Cox and Professor Yvo Desmedt gave their inaugural lectures at the university on 21 March 2006.

Professor Cox, BT Professor of Communication gave a lecture entitled: 'Understanding and Facilitating Transactions on the Web' and Professor Desmedt, BT Chair of Information Security, spoke on 'Shutting Down the Internet: Can We Prevent It?'

Professor Cox, who is Director of UCL's Adastral Park Campus, conducts research into information security and information retrieval and is Chair of Telecommunications in UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering and UCL Computer Science. Professor Desmedt of UCL Computer Science conducts research into information security and in particular cryptography, network security, critical infrastructures and computer security.

The chairs are both based at UCL's Adastral Park postgraduate research campus in Suffolk and were funded by BT as part of its £2.5 million support in setting up the campus. Adastral Park primarily works in the broad areas of digital multimedia; computer vision; and networking. Current areas of joint research between UCL and BT include virtual reality systems, network performance and architecture, image processing and retrieval and information security.

The lectures were chaired by UCL's President and Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant and introduced by Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Head of UCL Computer Science.

To find out more about Adastral Park, use the link at the bottom of this article.