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Get a life

19 March 2006

Are you bored, bored, bored with your job, your relationship, your friends … heck, your life? At least you're not alone, studies suggest we're in the midst of a boredom boom.

Stuck in a rut is a horrible place to be but it's important that you find the inspiration to make changes.

Because boredom could just kill you, according to a 2004 British study which found that those who face 'brain dead' tasks are at greater risk of a heart attack than those excited by their career.

According to Dr Harry Hemingway [UCL Epidemiology & Public Health], dull, steady and unexciting jobs may keep the heart beating in an unchanging, rapid rhythm. And that may lead to heart disease. "The heart doesn't, or shouldn't, beat like a metronome, because a healthy heart rate is varied," he says, adding that it should also race with excitement now and again.
Helen Hawkes, 'Sunday Telegraph', 19 March 2006