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UCL receives grant from Epilepsy Research Foundation

1 June 2006

Dr Mala Shah (UCL Pharmacology) has become one of two leading London scientists to be awarded a grant by the Epilepsy Research Foundation.

The £60,000 grant will fund Dr Shah's study into the effectiveness of treatment during the latent period: the delay between the occurrence of damage to the brain (sometimes caused by a head injury or stroke) and the onset of chronic seizures.

Dr Shah explained: "During the latent period neurones in one part of the brain become more active. Due to several factors, the neurones become very excitable and this causes seizures. I, together with Dr Matthew Walker (UCL Neurology), am going to be looking at whether administration of anti-epileptic drugs during this period can calm the activity down."

Leigh Slocombe, Executive Director of the Epilepsy Research Foundation, said: "We are delighted to award these two grants to such interesting and important research programmes. We look forward to the results and hope that we can begin to make some valuable changes."