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New British Academy Fellows

7 July 2006

Two UCL scholars have been made Fellows of the British Academy in its 2006 elections.

Steve Machin is Professor of Economics (UCL Economics). His research interests include the economics of education, labour economics and industrial relations. He co-directs the research programme 'The Economics and Politics of Employment, Migration and Social Justice'. The Academy stated: "He is one of the most innovative  and prolific writers in applied labour economics in Britain. His work spans the fields of inequality in earnings, the impact of the minimum wage on employment and  earnings, technological change, trade unions, corporate performance and education.  He has organized a very active and increasingly influential group of researchers in  the economics of education, whose work is attracting intense interest from policymakers and academics."

Stephen Shennan, Professor of Theoretical Archaeology, is Director of the UCL Institute of Archaeology and of the AHRB Centre for the Evolutionary Analysis of Cultural Behaviour. His research interests include the application of biological evolutionary theory and methods to archaeology, prehistoric demography, ethnicity, prehistoric social and economic institutions. The Academy stated: "He is one of Europe's leading theoretical and prehistoric archaeologists. From an initial focus on the Copper and Bronze Ages in central Europe, he moved on to pioneer statistical methods in archaeology. He is internationally renowned not only as a European prehistorian but as a highly innovative thinker who has introduced evolutionary models into the study of later prehistory."

Professor Malcolm Grant, President and Provost of UCL, welcomed the elections: "I am delighted once again to see the strength of talent at UCL reflected in the elections to a distinguished national academy. They join the 22 other staff at UCL who have been elected to Fellowship of the British Academy. The warmest congratulations of the whole UCL community go to the new Fellows."

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