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Love in a warmer climate

12 July 2006

Yesterday was World Population Day, and new estimates suggest that human numbers will now reach 9.

1 billion by 2050 (from 6.5 billion today).

This has prompted the Optimum Population Trust in Britain to launch a petition to try to get the government to adopt a policy that would reduce the UK population from more than 60 million today to roughly 55 million by 2050, instead of the 69 million it will reach on present trends.

"We're failing to acknowledge the link between human numbers and global warming," says Professor John Guillebaud (UCL Gynaecological Oncology). "The biggest cause of climate change is climate changers: human beings. Deciding to stop at two children, or at least to have one child less, is the simplest, quickest and most significant thing any of us could do to leave a sustainable and 'habitable planet for our children and grandchildren." 

'The Guardian'