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Letter: First-aid kit is no aid

28 July 2006

Sir: In the feature "The ten best travel first-aid kits" (24 July), all the "remedies" in the Helios Homeopathy Travellers' kit are in the 30C dilution.

Therefore, they contain no trace of the substance on the label.  

You pay £38.95 for sugar pills. To get even one molecule, you would have to swallow a sphere with a diameter equal to the distance from the Earth to the sun. That is hard to swallow. Helios was one of the companies pilloried by the Newsnight programme when their representative recommended homeopathic prevention of malaria. That was condemned even by some homeopaths as dangerous and irresponsible. It is simple. This "medicine" contains no medicine.

David Colquhoun, Professor of Pharmacology, UCL, 'The Independent'